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"We would like to thank you for all you have done for our son and brother, Jared McGill. When we first came to you, Jared had been ill for approximately 5 years. He has been on many medications over the past 5 years but in August of this year Jared hit an all time low. His reaction to the pollen this season began early and was severe. It quickly became obvious that the hand held inhaler was not an option.

We began giving Jared the ventolin by nebulizer, we immediately had to add the beclovant which is a steroid (anti-inflammatory) for the bronchial tube and lungs, the nasalcort which is a steroid for the nasal passages, nasalcrom, which acts as an antihistimine for the nasal passages and sinus area, he was also on a general antihistimine to try to prevent him from reacting to the "triggers" that cause his asthma, and a very strong antibiotic, Loribid for the sinus infection he developed because of his reaction to the allergens in and outside the home. I must add that none of this was working and Jared was continuing to have asthma attacks. I was very concerned because he was at the top of the dosage prescribed for a child of his age and weight in most of the medications and beyond in some.

Last year at this time his allergist had to give us instructions to "Do whatever we had to do to keep him alive." We are quite sure we're facing the same scenario or worse this year. We began manipulating the medications to see what worked the best but we were not successful. We achieved some level of relief when we added the natural herbs, but it wasn't until you began to work with Jared that we really began to see a difference. He is so excited to be off all regualr medications, (unless he is directly exposed for a prolonged period to a major trigger), Jared no longer has asthma attacks. We no longer travel with the "Medicine Pack" every time we leave the house. Shortly after you began to work on Jared, we saw such improvement that we opened the windows in our home for the first time during the ragweed season and left them opened all night. It was so nice to breathe the fresh air that we forgot that we were allergic to ragweed also. Jared was fine, but the rest of the family woke up coughing and sneezing with red and itchy eyes. There is no real way to thank you for all you've done to help our family. You and your family will be in our prayers always. Thank You!"

~The McGill Family


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