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Back Pain

"When I started seeing Doctor I was in constant pain and using motrin to help me get through the day. I had severe back problems. By the end of a day I would be doubled over and unable to walk without excrutiating pain. My back would lock to the extent I was unable to turn from one side to the other while laying in bed.

What amde life more difficult was I had two little girls that needed tending. At that time Abigail and Melissa were age 4 and 1 1/2. I was depressed and feeling very inadequate as a wife and mother. My husband had to hep me around at times like an invalid. It was a tremendous hurdle to get out of bed in the morning and make it downstairs. Our usual remedy was lots of prayer, hot tea to actufy the motrin and a long shower. All of this was done each morning with the hopes I wold be able to walk around within the next couple of hours.  

I felt immediate relief when the Doctor began giving me chiropractic care. Previously I had fears of being crippled by age 40. The Lord used Doctor to enable me to actually function in life. I stopped the motrin and was able to get around without my husband having to be a continual crutch. I began to enjoy life more and more.  God used the Doctor to not only bring physical healing but also emotional and spiritual healing. Besides being in various bike and auto accidents in my youth I had weathered the storm of other types of violence. I had experienced severe sexual abuse and also satanic ritualistic abuse as a youngster. My poor body had been through a terrible war and I had the scars to prove it. Torture and extreme violence certainly took a toll on my mind, my body and my emotions.

He had a unique way to provide and outlet for all that trauma. The upper phase chiropractic care released much of my pain that had been stored up in specific parts of my body for years. I began to experience memories of the past that were not only physically painful but also emtionally excrutiating. I was blessed to be in God's hands. He certainly has given Doctor a marvelous gift. It was a comfort and reassuring to have a compassionate Christian doctor work on me. One who depends on prayer and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus Christ!

God has freed me of much pain and trauma. He has used him and chiropractic care mightily in my life. It's good to know God gives different gifts and abilities to others for our welfare. I have grown to appreciate a delicate balance of being made whole in my mody, my mind, my emotions and my spirit. It has opened up to me a new dimension spiritually. I have vision of being one inside in order to truly be one with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). I appreciate the spiritual input Dr. Ardel has had in my life. As I experienced wholeness and healing in these areas I remember his encouragement and his talk about the layers of an onion as we went from layer to layer ourselves.This way I didn't get frustrated and realized God is always able and available to do more if we will just let Him.

Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph! I am still under the Master's Care and the Doctor. I am able to sleep more soundly. I am not in pain. I get around quite easily. I play sports without difficulty. I enjoy swimming laps on a routine basis as a workout program. I have a new vitality. I can chase my children and my husband around and it feels real good to be abe to play. God certainly has blessed me. If only we could be more open to the human beings He desires to use in our lives. "

~ Lynda M.


"When I first came to you three months ago I was in considerable pain. I had once again hurt my lower back and could hardly walk. Although I believed the "conventional" care being given me was only masking the symptoms and not actually dealing with the underlying recurring problem, I didn't think there was an alternative. And, as you are also aware, I was most skeptical of chiropractic care.

  Howerever, after suffering through several days of bed rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers and no real relief, I was ready to try almost anything. So, thankfully, the Lord intervened and a friend persuaded me to call you and give chiropratic medicine a try.

I'm most pleased to report that not only have I been painfree for over two months now, but my general health and wellbeing have improved greatly. I attribute this to the care you have given me; my skepticism toward the practice of chiropractic medicine is gone and I am grateful that I "took a chance" and made that first appointment with you. Thanks again!"

~ Mary Lu J.


"When I first came to the office, I had all but given up on Chiropractic care. I had found so many different styles and philosophies of chiropractic and none of them seemed to be right for me. I was frustrated and tired of feeling like I was wasting my time. Three years ago, when my daughter was 4 weeks old, I fell down a flight of stairs and ruptured one disk and bulged two others. For 5 months I was in excruciating pain and required all-day help at home. I had chiropractic therapies twice a day until I finally had to have surgery to remove the ruptured piece of disk material. The surgeon said I would recover 90% of my pre-fall back movement. Two years later I was still not even 60% or 70% better. I went to physical therapy, chiropractors, etc, only to feel as if I were on the same step as before. 

Doctor was recommended to me in August 1999. This was the "last shot" I was giving the chiropractic world. After 9 months of some ups and some downs, I am 80%+ on some days, which is a big improvement for me. I have found some stability in my unstable back with him. We are both committed to keep improving the condition of my back and to maintian a manageable pain level, which has gotten notably better since I started coming to the office. He enjoys his patient success as much as we enjoy feeling it! Thanks to the Doctor I am still coming to the Chiropractor, along with my 3 1/2 year-old daughter. Thanks for helping me to stay on track!

~ Karin C.



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