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Ear Infection

"Jessica was born a big, healthy baby- no problems. Until she was one year old, then she started getting ear infections. My pediatrician gave her an antibiotic and everything was fine again. When winter came the ear infections became chronic. She would get over one but a week later be fussy and crying and I was back at the doctors. The antibiotics got stronger.

My doctor finally recommended giving Jessica a daily dosage of medicine to prevent ear infections, especially during the cold months. I thought this would solve our problems and agreed. By now I had spent a lot of money on doctors visits and costly antibiotics. Jessica, now a little over a year, was taking a small dosage of antibiotics daily. The doctor assured us this was "normal" and plenty of other children prone to ear infections do this too. The months ahead became awful. Jessica was still getting up 2 or 3 times a night. She wasn't eating properly, was fussy and always wanted to be held. A couple of doctors told me there would be NO side affects on this medicine. So why were we all so unhappy?

I felt so guilty giving my child all this medicine and deep down I knew this couldn't be healthy.

The ultimate was when we noticed Jessica had lost a lot of hair around the crown of her head. She looked so unhealthy with bags under  her eyes. Some people were pushing me to get tubes in her ears but that whole scene didn't make sense to me either. Then my mother heard of people taking their children to a chiropractor. Being so desperate, I called immeadiately. When I met the Doctor, I knew this was right. As soon as Jessica started treatment and stopped taking the medicine we could see a change. Slowly, but surely her tolerance against infections bulit up. Her disposition changed drastically. Instead of being our fussy baby, driving us al crazy- she was our fun, happy, contented toddler. She began talking almost immeadiately after her treatments. She eats great- and yes actually sleeps through the night. Her hair had grown in beautifully and she rarely gets an ear infections now.

Jessica is now a healthy and happy child without needing surgery or medicine. The way life should be!"

~ A Happy Mom


"Let me share with you the testimony of a little boy named Mario. I have had the blessing of caring for this sweet lamb of God since he was 9 months old. When Mario was about 10 or 11 months old he continually had one ear infection after another. Whenever there was a runny nose there came an ear infection, then another trip to the doctors and then more medicine. It wasn't bad enough that he was on medicine continually, but his disposition and personality changed so much, we asked who is the real Mario? He would cry most of the time and fuss, wouldn't eat and didn't sleep well, basically a very hard child to deal with.

His Dad and Mom had been considering bringing him to the Doctor but they were somewhat skeptical and so was I. Everything broke loose this past May when an ear infection came again and Mario had to go on a stronger medication. Some people would say fortunately he had an allergic reaction to the medicine and Mario was put on Prednisone and this little 20 month old boy turned into a little monster because this was the turning point for his parents. Time to see the Doctor.

It has been 6 months now and with 2 to 3 visits a week (it's well worth the time) Mario has been free of all mediciation and has had no ear infections. When a runny nose comes now, there is no need to worry, he will take care of it naturally, free of medication.

Besides the usual problems a 2 year old has, Mario is a very joyful and healthy child and a real delight to be around. Oh, by the way, Mario's baby brother Nicholas has been free of medication and healthy since he was 10 months old. Thank you Doctor!!"

~ Barb G.


"I'd like to thank you for the care you've provided for my eight year old son Michael. He's had continuous ear infections since six weeks of age (after a difficlut pregnancy and delivery). He had his first set of tubes at 6 months old and then had three subsequent surgeries, one in which a tumor in his middle required extensive surgery. Michael had become resistent to antibiotics due to such constant use and more than once we were preparing to run IV antibiotics to clear him. (on each occasion God saw reason to spare Michael that ordeal.)  Since Michae has been seeing you he's improved greatly. His ear infections are not gone but their duration and intensity have declined. His little body has been through so much that I think full recovery will take time. He sleeps better, eats more wholesome foods (without a fuss) and now tells me 'I need to see the Doctor' when he's misaligned. I'm so excited to be able to provide my child with chiropractic intervention early in life- I'm sure this will make a world of difference in his ability to defend against physical and spiritual ills."  

~ Cyndie G.



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