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This is a long overdue thank you and praise letter but I guess the old saying "better late then never" applies. When I began chiropractic treatment with you approximately one year ago, I had daily tension headaches, facial pain and neck pain.  I had seen more doctors and had more tests than I care to recount and none of the drugs or recommemdations worked. I had also been under fairly constant chiropractic care for years which included the use of  ultrasound treatments 4-5 times a week at times. This chiropractor helped with my symptoms but I was unable to hold an adjustment for more than a few hours and then I'd be back in pain. Pain, as we al know, makes a person weary; I was very weary and had essentially "given up" and had come to accept that pain was to be a daily part of my life. Then I was introduced to you!! What a change in a few adjustments!! I was pain free for a whole day! MY facial pain and nack pain has been a hurdle but as long as I am adjusted regularly. I am relatively free of pain.

I cannot fully thank you without addressing the spiritual support you've given me and my son Michael. Our beliefs and faith are the same and I always know I'm free to express whatever I'm feeling with you- knowing that you'll be able to handle it. Some days just being able to have a five minute cry and express all the frustrations I'm feeling and then get adjusted, allow me to go back out there and do it all again.  I feel God works through you and I feel blessed that guided us to you."

~ Cydnie G.


"As a pathologist, I spent many years hunched over a microscope. This resulted in poor posture, back pain and arthritis in my neck (an occupational problem with pathologist).

Since I started chiropractic car, my neck pain has improved, my posture is better and I feel taller!"

~ R. Leardi, MD



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